You will find that disclaimer on all sorts of parts from all sorts of manufacturers in spite of the fact that they know their parts are routinely used in such settings. In other words, I wouldn’t rely on it – especially if I were committing an overt and legally dubious act which was intended to cause a failure. Judges and juries tend to take an uncharitable view of such behaviors. If they want to take a product using a counterfeit chip out of service LAWFULLY, then there are mechanisms for that. The fact that it may not be practical to apply those mechanisms in many cases does not give license for corporate vigilantism.

  • Didn’t see anything about ch340 and Ender 3 pro on the internet.
  • But FTDI could have taken a different route and instead show an annoying pop-up or only allow 300bps on counterfeit chips.
  • I have a 40-pin dip prop which works just fine at home no issues.
  • Or not enough power provided by the computer USB port.

When i say i tried a manual install i mean i tried to pre install the drivers etc as per the manual to save the long wait whist windows finds them. For sure the problem is somewhere in the windows install drivers, however, I couldn’t undo what is done according post #1. If you can read your PIC18F458 with PICkit3 software and in the “program memory” fields you can see the bits configured, you have your MCU chip programmed, so the problem could be your FTDI chip. You can compare the bits between the firmware file “FW1.39+Bootloader.hex” and the MCU chip to confirm if the chip is correctly programmed.

Design And Build Your Own High Power Usb Hub Port Extender

Don’t get me wrong, when I buy an FTDI chip, I honestly want it to be a real FTDI, but bricking it automatically is generally punishing a consumer who had NO IDEA they bought a counterfeit. The electronics supply chain is long and complex, and surprises happen. The Exar XR21V1410 seems pretty great, though I have no direct experience. However, we only have to keep this up until FTDI apologizes and retracts the drivers and promises not to do it again. You might want to create a lookalike device that can talk to some application or driver using the same protocol the original device uses.

Bans on counterfeits are the opposite, about protecting consumers. You would think that progressives would understand the difference. A lot of the USB ecosystem — at least in the Mass Storage class — works mostly because Microsoft, Apple, and Linux bend over backwards to accommodate quirky not-quite-within-spec devices. Again the confusion between a copy and a counterfeit.

Troubleshooting Ftdi Driver Installation

You could download FTDI drivers on FTDI’s Drivers page, which are classified by FTDI VCP drivers, FTDI D2XX drivers, FTDI D3XX drivers and more. But not all the FTDI drivers are available for download. TuneECUAndroid softwareis downloadable to your device.

If you are integrating, keep in mind enhanced exit codes. The problem is that if a simple method of detecting fakes becomes widely known the fakers will try and fix their fakes to be immune to it. Apparently, there are some counterfeit USB/Serial FTDI chips on the market.

It can be reprogrammed through OCFlash and also has the ICSP port. It is easily identifiable because of the chip next to USB port, which can’t be found on the rest of the boards. The previous version of FTDI VCP drivers does appear to work with all batches of FTDI chips. The driver supports the following transceivers and receivers. Take apart the obd connector housing look to see if theres a ftdi chip on it. After the driver has been installed, a dialog box will appear that shows that the driver has been successfully updated and will display the Arduino COM port number.

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